My name is Stephanie and I am 25. I have a 7 year old son and about 2 years ago I lost custody of him to his father. I had my son until he was 5. His dad never paid child support and had nothing to do with him until he was 5. I filed for a divorce from him because he left when our son was born. When I filed for custody after 5 years of him being gone the fight was on. I lived in an apartment near my parents, but I didn't have a lot of money. I worked two jobs to support my son and my mom babysat. Well, my lawyer was horrible and the judge gave custody to him. The reason being that I worked two jobs and my husband had more money... but truth was his parents are very wealthy and helped him. I have spent the last two years not getting to see my son much. I am a good mother and I would give my son the world if I could. He cries when he has to leave me when he goes back to his fathers. I try not to let any of this affect him. I want him to be happy. I love and adore my son and I just want to know if anyone knows how I can regain custody? His father is remarried and is never home. He leaves my son with his 12 year old stepson and goes out drinking a lot. He also has a bunch of criminal charges on his wife and a few other assalt charges that are pending. I think my son deserves to be taken care of and have me nurture him. Any advice that will help me win this thing will be appreciated. I am desperate here.