I have 3 grown children, who have families of their own. My oldest son ( 29 ) and my youngest daughyer ( 25 ) are mean and disrespectful too me. It hurts a lot.My son says things that make me feel stupid and my daughter yells at me and calls me names.
When she's mad, she keeps my 3 year old grandson from me.
I raised my kids in a private school and was a very involved mother. Their biological father left when they were 6 years old and under, and he still does not see them or contact them.
I always apologize, even if I don't need too. I always tell them how much they mean to me. I babysit for free, loan money when I have it. Get them cell phone accounts, but I think they hate me. The way they treat me is horrible. There is no drugs involved or drinking to any excess by them ( I don't do either ). They don't really fight amoungest each other, but the do take things out on me.
I feel like I should just stay away and let them come to me, maybe miss me a little. See what life is like without mom to bully around. Is this a rediculas idea ? Any advice?