My daughter is 14, almost 15 years old. I have been having problems with her for about 3-4 years now. I divorced her father just prior to this new development and have since re-married to a man who is total the opposite of her father.

Her father was always soft when it came to his kids, he allowed her to disrespect him and he was easily able to be manipulated by her, so that she could do what she wanted when she was with him.

Over this summer we moved across the country from her father, which she really did not care that much, since she really did not have a relationship with him. I believe the only thing she missing is being able to do what she wanted.

My current husband and I have tried over the past couple of years to make her respect us and be accountable for her actions. My duaghter steals from her step-sister, steals battieries out of the remotes and has taken money out of our wallet. (low dollar amounts) What she wants she will get by any means. We have not allowed her to watch TV dueing the week due to her failing three classes and have not allow any out of school activiites until her grades come up.

She states she is tired of us and her teachers nagging her and will not take responsibility for her failing grades... "her teachers are mean". She tries to make deals with us and her teachers so that she can get her eway and promises to get better.

She has already stayed back one year in fourth grade making her 8th grade right now, she has been told by her teachers if she dose not pick her grades up she will have to go to summer school and if she does not pass that she will be retained again, no exceptions.

She keeps making empty promises to shut us up and dose not want to hear it from us or her teachers when she shows no improvement. Her teachers are just about ready to give up on her, she is disrespectful in class and only cares about socializing... mostly with boys.

She is lazy, has to be constantly reminded to do chores, watches TV when she is not suppose to, donsen't hand in assignments that we have pretty much forced her to do, dosen't complete class work and has no remorse when she is caught in lies which is often. She will deal with the consequences because it will eventually be over and never learns after her punishment.

We are at a totla loss with her, she has been through counseling and currently under counseling... but nothing is getting through to her. Her response is to allow her to do things and she will get better, for us to get off her back and allow her to do more. I refuse to make a deal with her and told her that these things will happen once she shows improvement. She has been told that she needs to make the changes... and she feels we all need to change first.

What else is there to do? I can't afford boarding school, military school... private school won't take her because of her IEP.

Help... Please