My 13-year-old daughter is as tall as me and weighs the same as me. If I say something she doesn't like (usually about food - she constantly eats and now weighs about 150lbs) she reacts violently, hitting me, kicking me and screaming abuse ("you're a fat ugly pig, you're disgusting, everyone hates you" etc).
I am 51, watch my weight, try to exercise, work full-time, try and encourage her. She is failing at school - lack of motivation, unprepared, disorganised - her report says. She is popular and pretty. She is great with her many friends but can be terribly aggressive towards me.
I understand she is hormonal etc. The food thing is usually about the fact that she has been eating almost constantly before dinner then won't eat her dinner. I only buy healthy things but she will make up pancakes smothered in butter than eat more with more butter.
I worry about her weight. She constantly asks me if she is fat and I say = more often than not- no, but if I say well you are on your way, she goes beserk.
She says I'm ruining her self-esteem, but being kicked, punched and abused isn't doing much for mine!
I guess I'm asking what to do about the kicking and hitting. How do I try and stop it? I can't physically stop her - she's too strong. But I feel abused and helpless. What to do?