Is that normal that my step daughter in law asked my husband to "hop in a car and drive 4 hours to their town" at any time of the night or day when she is ready to deliver second child? He supposed to be a babysitter for their 2 year old little girl, while she and her husband go to the hospital for delivery of their second child. Granted that my husband is semi-retired and works part time from our home. Her parents are also living in our area and they would have to drive 4 hours too and they both still work full time. I work full time too. However, my step-son- in- law's mother (my husband's first wife) is single, unemployed and lives only 10-15 minutes away from their house. My husband said that this is a HUGE compliment to him, because his daughter in law said that he is the only one that she trust with her baby girl.

Am I too crazy that I think it is a weird situation?