Today my son's school called me.He went to the office for passing a note to a kid saying "I'm going to kill you, you will die" .the kids said he don't think my son would kill him but he got scared and report it to the teacher, my son said he only want to scare the kid . But should I be scare my son is turning to a bad kid . He's loving , he's a very good kid .He has been staying at my Mom's house he watches all day YouTube;'mine craft,edgeTvdaddy,slender man' that I know.He has a Nintendo he plays Goku, fighting and killings, could all that just be affecting him,make him think that killing and make someone afraid of him is fun or good? I need help I don't know what to say to my son . I know he is going to stop watching YouTube and I'm going to involve him into sports and games less aggressive. But for right now I don't know what to tell him ,and if I'm wrong and I'm racing my son to be bad? How do I know he's not going to be a bad person?