Recently, my son advised me through email he wants nothing more to do with me. The reason being he said I am now self centred and won't eat at his place, plus won't stay there. My reason being is that his house is sooo dirty and his wife too, and I have a weak stomach and cannot tolerate the dirt plus the bugs. They have 2 kids and the wife blames them for the mess. I wouldn't mind a mess but this is beyond a mess. She can't get off her and clean. She's just plain lazy. My daughter has went there and cleaned and I can't even tell you what she has found, it's that bad. She agrees with me too and cannot eat there as well. She told him in an email which caused a big blowout and he now wants nothing to do with us both. My daughter said that's fine with her. She got disgusted when they came to visit and the wife allowed the kids to totally destroy her house while she sat and did nothing. What a shame. My son thinks that this woman is the love of his life and the most awesome and smart creature on this planet. He sees nothing past her. I was a single parent and raised them practically on my own. I did the best I could. No bad boyfriends, or anything. I was the best parent on assistance there was. I went without for years for them! My daughter knows this. Since my mom died (whom he loved and I adored) I feel the wife has slowly taken him away from my family. Even now, I'm having it hard, working at 60 and trying to take what pleasure out of life I can. I know my daughter shouldn't have blown up at him but after him refusing to acknowledge my birthday and xmas, she could no longer hold her tongue. Sometimes I wonder if I should have just given them up for adoption. I have paid dearly for my mistakes and continue to do so. Life really sucks sometimes and I'm missing Mom so much. She never would have let him get away with this. She would have told him off and got away with it because he loved her a lot. Do I just go on with my life and forget about him ? My daughter says yes.