I Am 21 Yrs Old And Have A 2 Yr Old Daughter That I Do Not See. Unfortunately Do The Mental State Of Her Mother I Feel That It Would Be Better That Way. She Has Tendencies To Always Start Trouble And Try To Get Me In Trouble With The Law Every time I Ask To See My Daughter. I Admit That I Do Not Pay Child Support Because She Will Not Allow Me To See Her. I Can Not Afford An Attorney To Fight For Custody And At Times Are Unsure On Weather I Want To Even Do So Because Of Her Mother!

I Do Not Want To Sound Like A Dead Beat Dad However I Am Looking To Find Out Some Answers About Signing Over My Rights? I Live In The State Of Pennsylvania In Monroe County And Am Not Sure If The Mother Has To Consent To This, If I Would Still Be Obligated To Pay Support Or The Proper Forms And So Forth.

I Hope No One Judges Me I Am Just Looking In To My Options