My son will be 26 in March. He has always been a good kid and is usually very thoughtful. The one thing that bothers me terribly is that he doesn't send me a birthday gift or card. He always remembers to call. He also doesn't send any gift/card to his dad. Sometimes, he willl remember us on Mothe"s/Father's Day.

I am wondering if I should neglect his birthday and only call him and wish him well. This is driving me crazy because I keep thinking that my love is unconditional and my gifts shouldn't be based on what he sent me. On the other hand, he is a military officer, making decent pay. He is married and we even send gifts to his wife!

Do you think that if he gets a taste of his own medicine, he will realize that it stings a little when he neglects our birthday? And, if so, should I mention anything to him or leave it unsaid?