My 8 year old daughter is in a class with a girl who bull dozes over her. My daughter is very outgoing and will speak her mind, so I'm not afraid of her being pushed around, but this other girl is causing her grief. The little girl is very mature and is easily doing work at a 3rd grade level, so this 2nd grade class is not a challenge for her. To make matters worse, she is the teachers pet and the teacher allows her help the other kids with their work. This I have a problem with, this girl comes over to my daughter, tells her that what she is doing is wrong and then "helps" her by doing the work. I have stopped this several times and explained to my daughter and the other girl that she will not learn how to do the work if it is being done for her. Today for example, I was in their class (I am there for an hour 3 times per week) and asked my daughter if she passed her 5's in multiplication. She started to explain to me and then the other girl jumped in and said "no, she didn't pass her 5's today and she hasn't passed them in English or Spanish, she's going to start loosing recess". I tried to stop her, which failed. When she did stop, I told her that Kate could explain for herself.

This other girl and my daughter have played very well together and for the most part get along. I think the problem is that my Kate has had enough of the bossiness. There have been several times where the other girl has left Kate out of what is being played. I even witnessed one morning where Kate said hello to her and the other girl refused to turn around or say hello. Apparently, this is due to Kate having played with some of the other girls when she was being excluded. Now, she gets these constant remarks about how playing with the other girls makes her stuck up just like them, etc. She has even Kate a note asking if they could be friends, but addressing it to Ms. Stuck-up.

I realize, that these girls are just 8. However, I think it is starting to interfere with my daughters school work and self esteem. This other girl upsets Kate when she announces that she has not passed this or that multiplication table. Kate became very upset last week when she DID pass her 5's in English ( how quickly they forget :) ) and the girl blurted out to me that she passed before Kate had a chance to tell me.

I have a real problem with approaching the teacher. I have mentioned this to her twice before and her response is the same - "all children have their unique and wonderful qualities, she means well". I can say that the mother would be unbearable if my issue were to get to her. I have met her, she seems nice enough, but she is moving her kids out of the school next year because she doesn't believe the school is acknowledging the level at which her kids are at. Apparently she does not believe the school is equipped to deal with the level at which her kids are performing.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this without making everyone mad and my daughter ending up with no on e to play with?