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    Jun 24, 2010, 10:46 AM
    Potty Training
    My sister is trying to potty train her 3 yr. old boy. A few months ago she started and he was doing really well. Then our nephew moved back into town. They aren't trying to teach their little boy. Since he has been back, my sisters little boy has reverted and refuses to go. Especially number 2. She has tried making it fun, everything. He won't poop, he cries like he is scared to do it. Even if she puts a diaper on he won't poop. She has another boy that is 21 months and is expecting a third in Aug. She is at her wits end. Any advise will be helpful. I can't really help her, my daughter was very easy to train. She has also given him stool softeners and he refuses to go. Please help?!
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    Jun 24, 2010, 11:09 AM

    Difficulty potty training and difficulty moving his bowels are totally different.

    Check with a doctor that the child has no bowel problems first.

    If he gets the all clear,she can start training,IF child is ready.

    Potty training is learnt behaviour,he has to learn where to do it,he already knows how,and if he can make the connection between the sensation to go and actually going in his nappy,your half way there.

    Buy 'big boy' underwear,let him help pick it out.

    His father should show him how its done,maybe start by sitting on the toilet.

    Lots of kids are afraid of the toilet,a little bum on a big seat and the fear of falling in,you can buy an attachment for your toilet,a smaller seat,and offer him to use the toilet up to 15 times a day,sounds excessive,I know,but the more he is exposed and not pressured into it,the more he will be willing to try.

    Buying him his own soap,so he can make a great deal out of washing his hands afterwards.

    There are loads of dvd's and books for kids learning to toilet train,there very catchy tunes,you may find yourself singing them as you go around the supermarket! You have been warned!

    When kids see other kids using the toilet,and see there not afraid,it helps the process.

    Are there other boys his age in the family? To show him?

    The whole process should be easy for the child,the less pressure to perform the higher the chance he will start.

    Consistancy and lots of positive reforcement.

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