I received an answer and do not agree with it at all. I know that person does not know everything but here goes. My daughter and I were best friends until she met up with her husband to be. Neither he dad or I ever abused her. She was never even spanked. She has fantazied this up in her head for some unknown reason.
Last year at a family funeral I asked her if I could talk with her sometime and she said yes and I was to call or email her. I did just that and what do I get back but "Mom, You have not reached my expectations this last year so further communication with you will simply hinder our relationship." What relationship?? We have none. I took care of our granddaughter for the first three years of her life and then bam I cannot see her anymore. No explanation, nothing, just you are not allowed. I have tried to communicate with her very gently but when she does not want to talk what in the hell am I supposed to do but hurt all the time? >??