I am an alcoholic, and I put myself into rehab. I'm going to Intensive Outpatient counseling 3 times a week. My mother has filed for custody of my daughter, who is 11 1/2. Is my daughter old enough to tell the judge who she wants to live with? Can I lost custody of her even though I am taking the necessary steps to better myself and quit drinking? In the past, I have just simply not come home after work. My mom watches my daughter after school, and I'd go to happy hour and just end up drinking all night. I guess that would be considered abandonment, but I knew she was safe and with my mom. Anyway, THAT is the only thing I've done wrong, I never neglected her, beat her, hit her etc... and she has everything she could ever want or need. Can my past mistakes come back to haunt me? I have a conciliation conference tomorrow and I'm so nervous.