Yesterday it was my birthday 29 ,I have 4 girls 11,7,2,1, and my older girls forgot my birthday we where at the dentist yesterday around 2 pm and my 11 year old said oh today is your birthday right mom and I said yes ! I was waiting for her to say oh well happy birthday mom :( but no the whole day went by and it was 7 pm last night and still no happy birthday for mom so my husband got home at 7 30 pm he called my 7 and 11 year old to the living room and asked them why they haven't say happy birthday to mom and I just broke down in tears I was so hurt well I'm still hurting know I'm crying I'm just so sad and I can't believe they didn't even said happy birthday also my ex husband and his wife that I'm real good friends with them forgot to call me I always celebrate their birthday by making them a cake I always make people feel special on their be days or at least I call them and wish them a happy birthday but they just forgot about me :( I'm so sad it hurts a lot the only people that said happy birthday to me was my mom ,my sister that lives 3 hrs away from here in college and my husband .
I'm not a bad mom I always put my kids before anything in the world I always go the extra mile for them always doing more for them always getting them more than what they need even my mom says I do way too much for my kids that I spoil them a lot it just hurts a lot that even that I do so much for them they couldn't even say a happy birthday mom :confused: I did let them know that I was real hurt by that they said sorry but that don't change anything I'm still hurt ,when I was a little girl I never forgot my moms birthday I would always save my lunch money for weeks to buy my mom a birthday card my mom was the most important thing in my life at that age .
How would you guys feel if your kids forgot your birthday and what would you do any advice on how to heal my broken heart :confused:?