Our daughter is 15 months old, I just found out that I am her father. Since then me and mommy are togather raising our daughter. The guy she was with last she also has children with, when Kate was born I wasn't around and they were told they need a father, when she was knocked out from the surgery he filled in information including the name that was not chosen by mom. Despite all of this we are trying to be positive, but its hard when so much negative is going on in life. My fiancé has a brain tumor and her life expantcy dos'nt look so positive, we just lost our place, and doctor ordered she can't be at home alone due to her medical condition, it's a little more then just a tumor. Mean wile the other dad is taking us to court and wants custody of all the kids. I'm not on the birth certificate yet, and I'm scared that I'm going to lose our daughter. We barely have enough money even on TANF to support the gas to make it to all the appointments for housing, doctors, and court which seems to be every other day. We need any kind of help that is out there. Were desperate, and its teaching me to be a little humble and to ask for help and actually listen, but nonthing has ever been more important in my life. We are waiting for all our good karma to pay off so far every thing has been negative even though we have been helpful and positive to every thing that has asked through life. We are in Nevada and if you know anythign about Nevada, they don't care about the people who live there just about what's in there pockets. The other guy is abusive, drunk, and a child and woman beater who has been in jail for it, we have a tape recording proving recent thregts, we don't have any means to ask anyone else for help. So love us a little and help out.

Storm and Tanya
The kids all 4 of them.