My fiancé has a 1 year old little boy with his ex-girlfriend and she is a horrible mother. They agreed on a custody agreement outside of court and then filed it with family court after they went to the first mediation. At the first mediation, the mediator set up a visitation schedule for the father and the mother volunteered to let him have the little boy every weekend so she could have her nights out (she was 21 at the time) and 2 week nights. The father agreed to it just so he could get his son away from her as much as possible because it is an unfit environment. She lives with her parents (who beat each other with tire irons in front of their 3 kids a few years ago and led to the police being called), has a history of doing drugs, gets completely drunk every weekend (even if she has her son for a weekend every once and a while), has him sleeping in bed with her (he doesn't have his own crib or pack & play), she doesn't have a job and hasn't had one in 2 years (she worked 2 weeks 6 months ago but quit because it was boring), uses her child support for gas money and to go out... not for her son (she's on WIC and medicaid so all she has to buy are toys and clothes for the little boy), during the winter she never dresses him in warm clothes or a jacket or hat, she doesn't wash his clothes, he doesn't get a bath regularly, she's not cleaning him properly when she changes his diaper, she lies about his medical information and says he's going to need surgery on things like his back, but when we called the doctor he said that was a lie, she tries to get us to give him medicine that will make him sick or doesn't give us the perscription he's suppose to be on, his clothes never fit (they're always way too small or way too big), he'll come in the same pants 3 nights in a row, she tries to interfere with the father spending extra time with his son and does what ever she can to cause issues, and to top it all off she has taken him to the bar with her since he was at least 3 months old and had him sitting on the bar at times. Our attorney says that there is nothing we can do until we own our own house since we live with the father's parents, but it just seems like there HAS to be something we can do. I'm sure we can't get custody of the little boy, but if we could at least get placement of him then we think he will have a much better life. He would be in a much better environment and around people that could and would actually care for him like parents should. She has a violent history too. She tried to kill me about 6 months before she got pregnant by trying to running me off the road 5 times in one night, when she was dating the father she constantly threatened to kill him, she told me several times she was going to kill me if I had anything to do with her child, and she stalked both of us for about 6 months. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION?