I really need some help. I have a 27 year old daughter that hasn't spoken to us for 2 years. It all started when my Mom died in 2006. My daughter felt I should not be upset myself but that her losing her Grandma was way more important. She also accused me of taking all my Mom's money so there was nothing left for her. This was all not true but that's how she saw things. She has also married a man 30 yrs older than her and he has father 2 children with her. My grandchildren that I don't get to see. My granddaughter is turning 5 and a grandson we've never met will be 2 in August. I've been told by other family that her husband has had a lot of influence over her not talking to us. Probably because he knows he shouldn't be with her at his age and her age as he has children older than her and grandchildren older than their 2 kids. I've also heard she left him and ended up with someone else and is now pregnant with this other guys kid and left him also. So as far as I know, she's alone on welfare with maybe 3 babies. We are very concerned about her. She has blocked us on Facebook and email and will not call us at all. Says if anyone in the family tells us anything she won't talk to them either. She won't even talk to her sister. This has all of us extremely upset. Not sure if she's doing drugs, she did at one time. Not sure if she's OK and don't know what to do. My husband says just forget her and let her live her own life, so does my mother in law, who does hear from her but won't tell us anything. Am I being stupid beating myself up and missing her sooo much. I miss my granddaughter, that we saw 7 hours after being born and a couple of times after that. Not seen her since she was 2. How do you learn to live with this, without your child and grandchildren. My family never had such a thing, family was always the most important. And my daughter used to call us everyday or every other day then something happened. Last time we talked she didn't know why she was so mad at us but that we are evil nasty people and she doesn't want us in her life. I'm very upset and don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.