My daughter in law is a control freak. Her mother is exactly the same. My daughter in law seems to delight in fighting with me in order to keep me from seeing my granddaughters. My son is easy going and to keep the peace goes along with her behaviour. Ever since she came into the family she has caused trouble by her insecurity and wanting to know at all times where my son is. They have 2 daughters, youngest born in Jan 2010 and I have seen her one time and that's it. My daughter in law caused another "fight" so I am not welcome in their home according to her. My son promised to bring the girls to my house as he said he did not want his girls growing up not knowing their grandmother. Since then I have rung every week until recently and he very occasionally rings me. I speak on the phone to my older granddaughter who is nearly 4 now but that's it. When the second baby was born it was 2-3 weeks before I saw her and we went to their house and my daughter in law left and went to her mothers place. She then rang and asked my son if we had gone yet. She is impossible to get on with, she rules the roost which is my sons problem not mine, BUT I want to know how or what I could do to see my grandaughters. She will poison them against me I know that as she is a very vindictive, vicious woman I have seen and heard her in action.