I live in Miami Fl. and I have this family next door with 2 annoying children. They are twins ( a boy and a girl that are 9 years old)that are constantly at the door asking to play with our 3 kids, who are also annoyed with their behavior. They come over 3-9 times a day (even when there is no car outside) and occasionally once every 20 minutes. We turn them away, but then they ask for one of the children to come to the door. Sometimes when we say 'no' they push us aside to see in. We try to keep the door open a foot to avoid this but they still manage to get by. THey also ask for food (complaining they have none at home) even when we see their mom bring in bags of food. To make matters worse they ring the doorbell constantly until we answer or they will ring once, knock over and over. They always stare into our home from the window and watch us without us noticing. We have confronted the parents but they don't seem to do anything about it.

We have put up with it for 5 years and want it to stop. We are not moving, but any advice will be helpful. Thank you.