Daugther is 20 and currently living with my sister out-of-state. As I viewed various postings dealing with 20 year old, I myself struggle with issues of curfew, driving to and from parties.

Though I agree that every mature woman must respect and be courteous to people she lives with as far as coming home at a decent time, midnight. My daughter seem to think that she is controlled in every decision and action she does.

We gave her a car to run around to, paying her 4 year university, paying her cell phone, however, she works part-time and takes care of books, gas, car insurance.

All in all everything is handed to her and the simple moral values we expect from her are a big deal to her such as curfew at midnight, informing the homeowners of her whereabouts at all times for safety reasons, boyfriend must drive her back and forth if it's past 10 p.m.

I stand with my values and she is not happy. Though my gutt feeling tells me that reiterating values to children no matter how old is a good thing for this is why they become successful in dealing with issues.

Any input on these issues? Do you think I am being unfair? Should I just give in to everything she wants coz' her ultimate reason all the time is that she is 20!