I am 21 years old and recently married. My sister is 14 years old. She is currently living with my mom and stepdad. Her real father gave up rights when she was 8 years old and my stepdad adopted her. My mom has an alcohol and drug problem. My stepdad has no clue about it because my mom covers her tracks really good. She has been this way for years and anytime I have mentioned it to my stepdad he calls me a liar. My mom treats my sister as if she is her maid and she cusses her and tells her she isn't good enough and will never amount to anything and just causes her a lot of mental abuse. As far as I know she hasn't physically put her hands on her. But my mom will call me and my husband and ask for money but then she complains and says that she doesn't have the money to pay the bills. She keeps a notebook that has everything she has ever bought my sister wrote down and says that when she turns 18 she has to pay her back for everything. She offers drugs and alcohol to my sisters friends and they are all between the ages of 14 and 16. She did the same thing to me when I was my sister's age the only difference is that she physically put her hands on me and she traded me to her drug dealer when I was 16 and I was raped so she could get her drugs. My dad finally got custody of me and things got better but I will always have to deal with the memories. I am very concerned and I am terrified that the same things will happen to my sister. She begs me constantly to help her and she wants to come live with me and my husband. I just don't know what to do or where to start. I'm at a loss. Please help! Any advice would be more than appreciated!