I live in Richmond, Virginia. A commonwealth state and I desperatly need to know how to get a disrepectful, rebelious,lazy 18 year old step daughter to leave my house. To make what could be a very long story short she does not help cook, clean, do luandry or participate in anything concerning work in my house. She does not pay rent but has been ask to pay $65 a week which includes food,water,electricity,and luandry service and cleaning service. She refuses to pay a dime. She does have a job and blows all of her money on fun. I have had enough of her attitude and I want her out of my house. The rules of the house do not apply to her and she comes and goes as she pleases only to return home to eat , sleep all day, and leave again. Her little brother is just the same as her but will help do a few things around the house if his mother ask. I think if I can get her out of my house he will improve. I purchased my house in my name only, one because I wanted to but also my wife can't buy a house because she is working onher residency. This 18 year old thinks she can live at my house as long as she wants just because her mother says she doesn't have to leave. Her mother doesn't do anything to try and change her. I am fed up and I just want her out of my house and don't come back. Please help me I am about to snap. She has been ask to leave and refuses, she has been ask to pay rent and refuses, she has been ask to help around the house and sleeps all day.