I'm hoping somebody can please help with my problem... I have 2 beautiful little girls with my ex-husband, when we got a divorce I got full custody and he has visitation rights. I recently got married in July, my husband wants to adopt my daughters and want to give them his last name. One problem... my ex does not want to give up his rights. He does not see my girls, calls once in a blue moon to see how they are doing. My oldest who is 5 years old never wants to talk to him because of the way he used to treat her. He neglected my youngest when she was in his care; she was constantly dirty, had diapers rashes and was always sick. His court order for child support is $25 a month because he had no job at the time. My husband loves my girls as if they were his and he treats them the same... I was wondering how can I change my girls last names to my husbands without my ex's consent? I currently reside in Kentucky and am in the military as well as my husband. My ex lives in New York.