I got married in 1992 after being with my partner for about 18 months , life was good. I found out I was pregnant, our daughter was born the same year. It wasn't long before I felt lost, alone and just an object that was there to look after and care for our daughter. He probably never meant to be like that ! I had a couple of yrs of upset and feeling useless . Then I met someone who listened . That was my downfall . I had an affair. I also found out I was prenant. Iknew my husband was the father . I still continued the affair. I have so much guilt because I feel I should have stayed with my husband. My children still want me to be with their dad. How do I get over the guilt that I'm feeling.\
This is a message from my partner who obviously does not realise that there are people who care. Come on you ladies out there, help my partner.She does not believe that people exist that have been through something like this.
She needs to know that sites exist like this to help. Can you please respond to this to make her realise she is not on her own.