My son is 8 yrs old and has ADHD. He has always been fasinated with the "holes" in his body, such as ears and nose. It started when he was 2 with tissue up the nose and a two hour er visit to have it all removed. From then on it continued until about 4. I know that children do that with ears and nose holes, I am the oldest of 8 siblings, but it surprised me that he continued for about 2 yrs. I thought the ER visits would have scared him enough to stop. It all stopped at 4 yrs old and I was very thankful!

Now he has found another "hole," the butt! How I found out about this, he doesn't do it in the open, is that he put his finger in our dogs butt to "wake it up". I know... GROSS? I talked to him about it and told him never to do that again. Then he turned and asked me if he could still do it to himself??


My son already sees a therapist, which has never mentioned him talking about this, and I know my son has not been molested in any way, so why is he doing this?