My sister and her winner boyfriend ( being sarcastic)
Are both drug addicts he's in prison again for selling/doing drugs
I heard that he is in for a good few years this time
They took my poor nephew to see his dad in prison since the day he was born
And then he got out of jail when he was like 3 years old
There missing with his head telling him there going to be a family again then he gets arrested and his mom shooting up with herion and is in rehab for it again
I wish she would just stop with all of the stupid nonsense get her life together
But if something would happen to her do I have the right to adobt him?
I want to adobt him now
I wanted to adobt him since the day he was born
Because of my sister running the streets leaving him at baby sitter's for days on end

But I have another question
Do I have to be rich to adobt him?