I have a daughter who is 26 years old, single with 1 child and is disrespectful to her parents. She lived with a useless, controlling boyfriend that got her preqnant a couple years ago. We finally got her and her son (our grandson whom we dearly love) to move back in with us. She was going to college to be a nurse before she got preqnant. He caused her a lot of stress and caused her to get kicked out of college because of her grades. That's a little background.

They have lived with us for about 2 years now. She works and supports her son, unlike the father who wants visitation but will not pay any money for support. They are in process of going to court. We have been helping her out so she can get her bills and credit built back up. We cook, wash their clothes, etc. She has free rent, food,utilities, etc. We have tried to get her to help out around the house and she will not do anything but run the road and sit on her butt when she gets home. We do help her with our grandson like babysitting, bath him, feed him, etc. When we ask her to do something we get a reply "I'll get it later" or "no I am busy now" (sitting watching tv-thats busy) or many other lame excuses. Then she is also disrespectful the parents. I would have kicked her out many months ago if it were not for our grandson. I don't want her moving back in with the deadbeat boyfriend for more abuse and we are afraid he will hurt our grandson. If it was just her I would say "get out of my house" but I do not want to put our grandson in any dangers and we want him raised as a loving person not hateful like his mom and dad.

What would you do in a situation like this?