We have a 20 year old who is very defiant and refuses to be respectful. She is very verbal abusive with us and her friends, yelling and demanding what she wants from money to her way. We have tried talking to her but get no where. We have told her she had until May 1st (we told her that around the middle of March) to get out. She continues to be disruptive and disrespectful, so I told her to be out by this weekend. She does work, but does not have her own car. That is one of the arguments. She had one and refused to pay for it, then totaled it March 19th. Now she feels we should give her one of our other vehicles or buy her a new one (we now have 2 cars and 4 drivers). We have had enough and I reminded her about getting out. She then comes back with we have to give her a thirty day written notice and I laughed and reminded her she is not a renter nor has paid rent or anything else, (she has refused). It is a fight to even get her to clean her room. What should we do?