I raised my two beautiful daughters on my own until they were in first grade. They have always been the center of my universe. Now yy 21 year old daughter has decided that she does not need to communicate with me, I understand the "Making my own decisions, finding out who I am, let me figure it out" reasoning. I am okay with giving her - her space, and remaining supportive when she does want to communicate - and I am always glad to hear from her. I try not to ask intrusive questions, which I think I am doing very well at this.
My question is - she has a son. He is 4 years old. The light in my eyes. I miss him so much! I used to be able to talk to him almost all the time, and I was able to spend 1 day a week and every other weekend with him. Now I go weeks without seeing him, or talking to him. How do I let her know how much I would like to talk to him on the phone a couple of times a week - just to see how he is, and let him know I love him, and think of him always. I am so afraid he thinks I have just gone away.
I know I will hear from her when she needs something - I always do. So why is it okay for her to need something for me - and I should be there to support her - yet its not returned? Yes she is my child and I am the mom, she is supposed to be an adult - am I not allowed to feel ignored, unappreciated, unloved also?
I call, she ignores the call.
I text message her - she doesn't respond.
I invite her to family gathering - there is always something else going on (boyfriend 12 years her senior - ICK! No I haven't told her how I feel about him)
Do I just let it all go? I can't! I miss them terribly, I fear my grandson thinks I have just left him without reason.
I don't know if I am searching for an answer or just a shoulder, but I need help. This has been going on now for 3 months.
Any advice would be helpful