I find a lot of things on the internet about mother-in-laws but hardly anything about daughter-in-laws.
I have known my sons wife since they were in high school, we are talking around 17 years. To make a long story shorter, she was always pleasant when she was around our family. I will make one point first thing that I have NEVER had any words with her. They were married in July of 2004 and in 2005 they bought a house only 1 1/2 miles from me. My son inherited $50,000 from my parents and around $30,000 from his father. My dad and my children's dad passed away 2 months from the exact day. My now daughter-in-law had a house in Kansas City, MO and for a long time our family never knew where he lived. My daughter-in-law's name is Marianne. My kids dad was sick for over 10 years before he passed in Dec. 2005. My father had a house only 8 miles from me and it was all I could do to take care of him when my mother passed in 1999. Not one time did my daughter who was taking care of her dad ever get an offer to help on anything. My ex and I had remained close since we had 3 children. Sometimes when my son would go over to my ex's house to put his trash out once a week, Marianne would sit in the car. I would even have to tell my son, would you please go see your grandpa once in a while, Brian would go once in awhile but Marianne never went to see my father. My father was 95 1/2 when he passed in 2006.

Since Marianne and Brian have lived in their new house since 2005, my family have never been invited one time. All of Marianne's family have been there for dinner on different occasions, even an ex boyfriend and his wife were invited over to dinner.

I have said things to my son, but never to Marianne on how I felt. They have gone to Sunday dinner numerous times at Marianne's moms and when I said something to my son about coming to my house on Sunday, he told me "if you had dinner, we would come out." I am not your normal woman as I am single, have almost 2 acres, I overhaul my tractors, landscape, trim trees, paint, carpentry, make crafts and just keeping up my property is overwhelming at times. I have lived here 27 years, am 65 and still going strong.

Because I have expressed my feelings to my son on Marianne never coming out when he has come I am now estranged from my son. I have brought up before that Marianne's sister did the same thing to her husbands family. Her sister didn't want anything to do with her husbands family and they have not seen the 3 sons in years. Marianne's step-dad has lost to the most part his 4 children when Marianne's mom and her 3 daughters came into the picture around 14 years ago. When my children's father was dying, Marianne's mother and her two sisters showed up at the hospital all outside the door. When he was in intensive care it was husband and boyfriend laughing, loud talk and my other two children were livid. My daughter had to go to the nurse and ask that they be kept away. At the funeral the minister all of a sudden said that Hal's (kids dads name)good friend wanted to speak and I saw my other two children and daughters husbands family turn and look at each other. We were ALL shocked at Marianne's family taking over when they were not close friends or even helped in 10 years of Hal being sick.

Marianne and Brian had a baby on Aug. 30, 2010. I took food over went to see my grandson several times a week and my son did bring the baby out on a weekend but Marianne never came over from the time the baby was born until Christmas 2010. From the time I finally confronted my son in April of 2011 they had only been to my house once and that was in Feb. 2011 for my birthday and that was an hour stay. They have never invited our family out to eat and the only time they have gone out to eat with our family was when my daughter initiated it. I have tried to tell my son that I have just wanted to be equal and not be left out. Everything has been about Marianne's family and their friends. Right now I have lost my son because I have told him how I feel plus I don't even know this grandchild. Everything has changed between my son and I since he has become a father. Remember I have ONLY said something to him in 17 years and have NEVER had words with my daughter-in-law. I have been a phony and so has my daughter and other son. The reason I'm so up in the air about all this now is because if something happens to me I'm not leaving my son anything. I'm not the only one that has this problem, both neighbors on each side of me have the same kind of problem and also with a few of my friends. You lose a son because the wife is in control but it is always blamed on the mother-in-law. There are so many other things that I would be sitting on the computer for a year. I would appreciate any response if someone else is going through this. I am a good person and don't go around hurting someone's feelings.