My nephew is 10 and my daughter is 7, she said that he touched her bum under the covers, that was last year. I told my sister and she got mad at me and said my husband blew it out of proportion, I was concerned about her son. We stayed away awhile and when together made sure they were supervised. NOW, my husband caught them in the pool together and jumped apart and pulled their pants up, he sent her in to tell me what they were doing and she said he put his bum on my bum, I'm sorry! He is speechless when confronted. I had my father pick him up instead of spending the night. While waiting for my dad to come I heard her say "don't grab my butt" when is this typical kid touching like my dad says? And when should something be done about it like my husband says? He also plays with his 8 year old neighbor girl daily, what is he doing to her? My sister took the last time so lightly as wrong and then was mad at me that I hate to mention it again but want help for her son if needed, I will definitely take my child to a counselor. Is this normal behavior / touching?