My ex and I have shared custody and our son spends one week with each of us, changing every Friday. He is getting deployed to Afghanistan in August for 6 months and he wants the custody rotation to stay the same, even though he won't even be here. He wants his wife, my son's stepmom, to have him for a week at a time. I understand that my son should still see his half brother and stepsister and I offered to let him go spend some weekends with his stepmom but I think a week is too long for him to be away from me, his natural parent, when his father isn't even at the other house. His father says that by law the custody situation will stay the same and I'm required to do this, that I have no choice. I think I will need to get a attorney for this but was just wondering if anyone knows what my rights are? We have a parenting plan and it doesn't say anything about stepparents.