A relative living 100% only on Social Security disability payments of approx.$1K/monthly and residing in southern Pennsylvania has been notified in writing by Prince George's County Maryland of their intent to garnish income to satisfy payments in arrears for child support totaling $750.00 against a balance due of approximately $4K which apparently they will also attempt to collect via installments.
Rent alone for this person consumes $650.00 monthly with no safety net,insufficient medical care options and no other assets whatsoever.
This person and spouse lived in PG County at the time of the child's birth hence the notification from PG.
There has been no contact by this person and the child almost since the child's birth and the child is now OVER THIRTY YEARS OF AGE.
In the interim, the other parent who raised the child has long since remarried,were gainfully employed at the time of the child's birth, and have remained so continually throughout theirs and the child's life.
Conversely, the disabled parent could be described as mostly terminally unemployed throughout their life and within the last five years was living in a homeless shelter. The notion of any possibility of a timely payment schedule made by this person for the child's support has been an issue for the child's ENTIRE life.
The child was by all accounts given an excellent private education and college,living with the other parent and extended family until the child's eventual marriage and is well employed.
Can PG county or ANY jurisdiction for that matter garnish SS disability income IF this is this person's ONLY source of income?