Hi... I'm stressed as can be. My daughter who just graduated from college just moved home in May. She did it to save money before she plans to move to another state. However, she made my life and my teenage son's life miserable. (I'm a single mom). All I asked that she do is help keep the house clean because I work full time and she works part time as a server. She has been totally disrespectful since she moved home. Leaving the upstairs a disaster, the bathroom a disaster and NEVER cleaning. She takes naps in the evenings so she can go out to the clubs with her friends until 4 in the morning or so and then comes home (which of course wakes me up). There is much more, however I finally told her that I've never been treated with such disrespect in my life. She just rolled her eyes and wouldn't look at me. I told her I would appreciate it if she would move by the end of the month. She left the next day to go stay with her college roommate and her family and she tells my son she's staying there until she moves. She has emailed me twice to ask advice on job apps but other than that, no communication whatsoever. I've called and emailed and asked her to talk but she ignores those messages. Shall I give her time? I miss her... Did I do the wrong thing?