My children's father left when they were young & unfortunately, I married an abusive man who became verbally abusive after two & I endured it for 8 yrs.

The worst however is that, my daughter started acting like him a yr. Later and has gotten worse over the years. I thought this temper was from 2 head injuries initially till my ex- indicated she picked up his personality!

She is in the military and comes home seldom as she lives out of the country (good thing). Each time she come's home though, she crushe's me so badly and blames all problems on me and twists all stories around! My head spins from how she changes stories!! She was home on leave for her brother's wedding and left after 5 days---one of the things she told me was that she only likes to hang out with "people" that don't fight with her (I'm just the mom-remember--a nothing) I hate fighting, never fought back with my ex- as I would get it physically and was so very close to my own mother just the same as my sister.

At my son's wedding. She had him pose with his wife & his aunt on the other side of the divorced family & of course--she posted this to facebook---in which other's assumed that my son was the aunt's son also. None with my on my son's wedding day photo's!

I pray alway's to have my life taken away from me from this torture & haven't taken care of my health in the last 7 yrs as I hope to die early. Too much pain from her. I know I haven't really don't you much--just the history-basically. Any answer's? ---she is 30 yrs old