I have a 3 year old son who is talking in one word from the time he was16 month. He imitates pretty fine,has wide area of interest from trucks to trains to dolls. He can remember his cartoons and their dialogue in proper sequence and keeps repeating them full day (not clear though),
But when we ask something he is not able to answer. He can only follow single line command (like go get your shoes, switch off the fan, switch on the TV etc) and that too sometime when he is not occupied with anything, if we tell something complex , he will get confused. He has a good vocabulary but not able to frame sentences which he should be as per his age. He knows ATO Z, 1TO 10, rhymes (half of it is just gibbereish) can answere question like what is your name along with parents name, if asked?
My second problem is that he would stand among kids but doesn't try to interact with them? He doesn't reply to anybody greetings and takes little time to settle himself when known people adavnce towards him. If we take him to some social gattering he will shut his eyes and will stick to us . He has good eye contact and doesn't behave weirdly when he goes to supermarkets. Even with some familiar people he try to show them their toys but with other he hesitate a lot.
Now my son is going to preschool where he got settled with his class and kids within three days. Every morning he shows willingness to go to school. At school he doesn't like to open his mouth but good at doing crafts work.
We got his hearing checked from audiogist which was fine.we are just three at home and doesn't have any social circle.
My third concern is if problem in the brain could be the reason for speech dalay? At this point I would like to mention, my son fell down for the first time when he was just four days old and after innumerable times. For his developmental milestones he stared cruising when he was 9 month old and 14 month old he started walking and soon after that he started his one words like plane, car etc