Hi,my daughter is 3 years and 4 mnths old.I have a few concerns with her that I posted one about how my daughter won't talk or play at daycare and has been like that for the past 8mnths,but at home she is a chatter box,also my daughter bites her nails really bad,when I got to sticky beek at her day care I find that when she is doing things such as drawing or painting she does it all but when she is outside she won't play and stands there and bites her nails, if there inside and they have singing time she does get invivled so she stands there biting her nails.so now she bites them all the time even at home.its that bad that she bites them to wear the nail comes off,I try to tell her that it isn't nice to do that and its pretty to have nails like mummys.with all these problems I have with her at school and now biting,I was told my daughter might have a serious problem with ANXIETY? Could this be possible and if so how do I help her as it worries me when I'm at work how my daughter is coping at school.the teachers say she is doing heaps better but still isn't talking to anyone and sometimes will wet her pants if she doesn't go to the toilet. I'm confused as what I can do to help.would a counsler help if we went to one.
Plssss if anyone has this problem I would love to hear advice