My 23 year old daughter has a habit of falling in love early on in her relationships, moving in with them and then finding out who they really are and then moving out. She has done this several times since she was 17. I know she has "daddy" issues and her step father and I have tried to counsel her along the way and we have been extremely close her whole life. Now she met a new guy 4 months ago and moved in with him and his mother a month ago. He is 30 and we were very skeptical obviously, but she said his place had mold and her landlords were divorcing and she had to move out asap. But I helped her find a place for them to rent and I know I was wrong now. The last time she moved out of here to be on her own, she had set clear goals that she wanted to be alone for a year to get to know herself. She wanted to be married before she moved out of her own place. She told this guy her goals from the beginning and yet she still fell into her same routine of falling head over heels and that he is her sole mate. 2 weeks ago we got talking and I found out that she hadn't been truly happy because he was always mad and she had to watch what she would say to not set him off. She lets him drive her car that is in her name to work every day. She used her credit to finance his dental work, and will use her credit to help him start his business because he has NO credit. He is a compulsive storyteller and we have caught him in several lies. She was ready to leave him and we were going to again, help her move. She talked to him and they fought and she was leaving, but then of course he apologized and said he felt horrible and that she did nothing wrong, so she believed him and is still there. She had admitted that they had not been using protection for a few months. She wants to have a baby and "live happily ever" so bad, that she is rushing again too fast and in the past she has told me to please tell her when I notice her falling into her bad pattern. I have repeatedly told her that I am very concerned about her trying to get pregnant, offering to use her credit for him to start his business and that he is a manipulator and controller. What normal 30 year old would try to get someone pregnant after 2 months? And drive her car when he has his own old truck to drive, and use her credit!! He already has 2 children with 2 different woman and doesn't even see his oldest. He does have his youngest every weekend. Now she won't talk to us and says that we are the only ones who don't support their relationship. I texted her and said that I'm only doing what she asked me to do and that I love her and will always be here for her. She texted "just let me be me." My heart hurts so bad and my Husband tried to call her Father to discuss the situation because we know he doesn't know the whole story, but her Father won't talk to us. We feel so alone in parenting her and I know I need to let her learn on her own, but her credit is going to be destroyed, she'll end up a single mother and I don't know what to do. Do I just not call her and see if she will ever talk to us again? Help! We love her so much!