I have a 22yr old daughter that lives with me and my husband and our children (younger sisters) and has been for 3 months after leaving an abusive relationship. She has 2 daughters 1yr & 4yr living with us also.. they are wonderful! My daughter is such a unhappy, ungratefull crabby... She has always been rude and disrespectful to me. I thought helping her out, letter her live with us and helping her get on her feetwould be good. But, NOT! SHe was nice for a month and now she is BACK!! SHe is so rude to me! How do I deal with her? I can't even talk to her without her getting mad, yelling etc... This is my house and I deserve to be respected! SHe REALLY makes me... get mad! When I don't engage she gets even mader! Suggestions?? Help!! I want her out! But, she will use the grankids as tools to hurt me ;-(