I am having such problems with my 19 year old daughter. She graduated last year and went to the Orlando Culinary Academy after graduation. She decided she did not like Orlando and came back home after 6 months. This is the same person who swore up and down that when she went to school, she would not come back home. After about 1 month, she did get a job. However, all she does when she's not working is sit on the couch and do nothing. She has a new truck that her grandma gave her and we are paying the insurance as well as paying for her cell phone. In August we will probably have to start paying on her student loan. Her room is a mess and I do mean a mess... you can't even walk on the floor. She leaves any dishes where they lay. She sleeps in the living room even though she has a bed in her room. She'll wash a big washer full of clothes and then throw them in the dryer... I've tried to tell her that her dryer loads are too big and she leaves things in her pockets, even though we have asked her not to. Even though we recently had to buy a new dryer, she says this is not the reason, even though the guy at the appliance store said it was. She has used every and I do mean every towel in the house and they are in her room. I used to go in there and pick them up and wash them, but I will not do that any more I keep mine and my husbans' towels in our room. She doesn't call when she's not going to coming home for the night. I know she is drinking beer, because we have found unopened beers in her room. Wehave told her if she gets picked up for underage drinking, do not call us. She will go in my room and take anything she wants and then tells me she didn't do it. If I said a word to her about anything, she gets an attitude. Everything that she has ever done, was because I made her do it! If we confront her about anything, she will get in her truck and leave. We hold the title to her truck and have called the PD to try and help us. They are of now help. I'm so done with this. I can not even enjoy my own home. We can't go off for a weekend, because I'm afraid of what I will find when I return. I told my husband today that I can't deal with this anymore. She is so ungrateful and a moocher. She is using us like a door mat. I told my husband today that I am going to try and evict her. I have given the date of 1 September. Am I being unreasonable? How do I get her evicted? I've written to all the talk shows and of course, I have heard nothing from them. I just don't know what to do anymore and I'm sick of being miserable. Please help me. Thanks Debi