My 18 year old daughter almost failed out her first semester of college. My husband and I in good faith gave her a second chance with lots of encouragement and guidelines on how to handle herself differently the second semester. She didn't go to see her advisor, moved in with her 22 year old boyfriend and is now going to fail for the 2nd semester. She wants us to now pay for summer school. We refused, told her to come home, get a job and figure out what she wants to do with her life. I have tried talking to her and reasoning with her... she called me an ******* and a *****! She is moving in with her boyfriend for the summer, not working and is not thinking about anything but hanging out. She doesn't want a relationship with us unless we pay her way and let her go back to retake classes that she failed. I don't know what to do... she won't stay in touch with us and she views us as worthless. We are heartbroken because we love her but we can't enable her to continue on this path. Will she ever come to her senses? We are not thrilled with her boyfriend and we think that she is way too young to move in with a man. I worry about her getting pregnant and if she will ever contact us again to let us know that she is OK. I feel like she is trying to manipulating us... Help!!