Here is the problem we have a son that is 15 and still wets the bed, even worse he will get up at night and pee in the corner of his room. The bath room is less that two feet from his room. His room smells so bad that you can smell it all over the house. He has been seen by his doctor and had an extensive workup. There was nothing found wrong. We have tried to limit fluids at night but he will sneak in to the bathroom and drink his fill or swipe something to drink from downstairs. We have tried meds but is he is drinking lots of fluids after the meds it could be dangerous. If we put plastic blankets on the bed he shreds them within a week. If we wake him in the middle of the night he will remain up the rest of the night. We have tried to punish his late night drinking and that only made matters worse. We have tried to reward dry nights but that failed also. We he goes to a friend house we have to tell the parents, because he has wet a friends new couch. We are at wits end.