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    Sep 3, 2008, 11:45 AM
    Younger brother jealous of older sisters boyfriend
    My 12 yr old son is very jealous of his 16 yr old sister. He came home after school one day several months ago to find his sister in her bedroom with a boy. He noticed a love bite on her neck. He was very upset and refused to speak to her for 2 weeks. My daughter was appropriately disciplined for her actions. However, my son is very rude and angry at any other male suitors she brings home. We have made numerous attempts to talk to him about his sister's actions and dating at this age, but apparently unsuccessful. We know he will come to understand these issues as he matures, but in the mean time he is making his sisters life living hell. She does not want to bring any friends home in fear he will be rude and verbally abusive to her. We want our daughter to continue to bring her male friends over so we can be involved and watch what is going on, but handling her brother is got us on egg shells. Help
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    Jan 3, 2009, 12:44 AM

    You can try and make him interact with his cousin brothers. Like maybe play a board game with his sister and an older cousin brother. Try and mend his relationship this way both with her and males around her.

    You could ask him not to embaress your family and not to be rude with cousins!

    Try other settings where in he has to communicate with his sister and or a male subject in the presence of you so he cannot verbally abuse them.

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    Jan 27, 2011, 08:43 PM
    Are you crazy? You know what? Dating is the America's defeat, seriously because throwing out your little child to have sex with other. Oh! It sounds creepy right? It's the right thing that the younger brother did because he knows that his big sister is prostituting. Seriously. I PROTEST AGAINST DATING!

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