Kind of a strange question and I feel a little awkward asking it, but maybe someone can provide some insight.

So I noticed this almost a year ago. I think that's the earliest. I used to be able to go the entire school day or equivalent and never use the bathroom. I may have to go, but it would pass and I'd be fine. Last summer I realized I needed to go a little more often, but it wasn't too bad.

Then I got what I suspect was a UTI. It didn't hurt, but I had to go A LOT and it wasn't very much. Pure torture and it made paying attention in class very difficult for me. I'm not overly fond of doctors though, and I am the type of person that deals with things on their own, so I avoided medical attention. It was a week or two before I finally told my mom (when I became fearful of an accident and frustrated with constantly having to leave class-I hate to draw attention to myself). Anyway, I made a deal that I could try cranberry pills and see if they worked before involving a doctor. I did, and they greatly improved, but I ended up seeing a doctor anyhow out of paranoia (after Christmas break). They found a trace amount of blood, but no other indication of an infection.

The UTI, if that's what it was, is gone to my knowledge. However, I still use the bathroom more than I used to-more than I'd like. I'm on a schedule now, basically, of two-three times a school day (so more than that a day). Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night or early morning once or twice now too. I used to love long car rides, but now I worry about when I will need to go and how/when I should ask so I can space it out enough that it isn't overly obvious. Going out with friends is a chore too. I wouldn't go rollerblading because I feared having to take skates off and find a bathroom. If I go to the movies, I usually end up leaving at some point during to use the bathroom (this was one of my first indications something was off last summer). I'm tired of having to worry about it. I have a couple of upcoming exams and I fear having to get up in front of all the other students to use the bathroom, maybe multiple times, or having to rush to the bathroom on break so I can get in before the bathroom is full.

I can't decide if it's all in my head-lingering fears from my UTI-or if I genuinely have a problem. Is it normal/healthy that I use the bathroom more these days, as I am getting older? Any theories? Not a fun question, but I really want this resolved..

Before you ask, I'm seventeen, a girl, and a virgin. Thanks in advance.