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    Jun 26, 2008, 09:11 AM
    What could be wrong?
    last year I got all 3 of the gardasil shots.the very next day I got sick with a cold and I was really dizzy I called the ob-gyn and asked if that could be a side effect and they said no.I thyen called my primary doc to get some medicine thinking it will go away but it got even worse.I then got this strange headache it wasn't throbbing it was more like pressure(if you hit your head and you get that sensation in your forehead)then I started getting that same feeling in my face around my sinus areas.the dizziness went away after a couple of days but the head and facial pain did not.Icalled the doctor back and he perscribed me some antibiotics thinking it was my sinuses but that was no help he gave me a number of different meds but nothing worked he even gave me nasal sprays but no relief.I went to the ent and they said everything was fine.I had 3 cts of the brain ans sinuses and 1 mri and they6 all came back normal.About 2 months later I started havind pvc(irregular heart beats) I went to the er and got checked but they didn't find no cause.I started havind them out of no where for a lond period but they never found a cause.I was seen by a Neurologist and he said I might be having tension headaches ang gave me topomax which gave me really bad side effects so I stopped taking them.I am really moody everyday and don't feel like my selp I am really stressing about this and it is making me go crazy and I don't like it I am only 19 and I feel old.I started to have low back pain anf I got a x-ray and that showed that I had slight scoliosis.I also went to the dentist to have all four wisdom teeth surgicly removed thinking that could be a reason but it wasn't.I also been (pulsating,hear and feel the blood rushing in my head,twitching nerves all over my body,and get pins and needles and cram in my neck and shoulders)I really need to find what's wrong if you have a idea please reply... thanx
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    Jun 26, 2008, 02:48 PM
    Also, try a chiropractor. Ive heard that regular visits can really help with back pain and sometimes headaches. Be sure to mention the scoliosis first though, (obviously). Maybe massages. I think if it isn't all due to anxiety/stress, than some of it definitely could be. Best of luck.

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