My 11 year old daughter is constantly sucking her right thumb. It was recently broken during a softball game and she began popping her knuckles. Now that she is out of the cast and has a month of physical therapy behind her she had begun to suck her thumb again. Because she is shy we make sure that we praise her and give her responsibilities. She is active in sports and girl scouts but as soon as she is around our immediate family she sucks her thumb. I am beginning to think is may be a social anxiety as she has great fear of speaking in front of people and does not really have any friends. I try to encourage her to ask her friends to join us going to the movies, eating out shopping, etc. but she refuses an asks if I think she doesn't have friends. She says I have lots of friends but when I ask her to name them she can not. I have tried all the traditional thumbsucking methods, gloves, glues, spray, etc.