My ten and a half month old son was circumcised at birth. While on vaca in Texas in June I noticed a small puss filled sore on one side at the circumcision site and the surrounding area was swollen and red. A trip to the ER and the doc said she thought it might be a flea bite, drained the puss, gave us an ointment and sent us on our way. Three months later, my son has the same puss filled sore in the same spot on circumcision site. The doc at home said she had never seen anything like it; gave me antibiotics, and Mupirocin (treatment for impetigo). The sore is healed the day after the puss is drained (even without special meds) Anyone's help is GREATLY appreciated... no doctor I've seen seems to know what is ailing my baby. NO fever or crankiness, just the sore.