My son started complaining about a lump in back of his head that hurts. So I took him to the doctor to get tests done to see what it is. I was quite disappointed when the doctor told be that they could not do any tests. She said to keep an eye on it and if it starts growing, THEN they will test it. She said it could be a Lymph node. I was unsatisfied about her not doing nothing about this growth on my 12 year old sons head and especially it hurting him. So I took him to another doctor and he basically said the same thing. He also says it could be a lymph node and it could be a good thing because it fights off infections and so on. He said keep an eye on it too. He said to check back in 2 weeks and if it grows then they will give my son tests. Well, it has been 2 days and my son says that another one has grown right next to it! Does anyone know what this could be and what causes little pea size lumps to occur in back of the lower head? My son says it does not hurt much anymore. But I am very concerned and am thinking of taking him to the doctor again on Monday.