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    May 4, 2016, 01:21 PM
    Is my dream coming true?
    I had this dream in September 2015 that a new boy came into my class. It then went on to show me stuff that we would do/ 'happen. At first he came into my class and sat next to me in registration which was weird to me at the time because I have a friend that's always in at that time, then he sat next to me in maths but I also have someone sitting next to me and he then sat next to me in art and again I have someone sitting next to me. Plus he stood where another friend stood in technical. When this boy came it was summer and had a blazer that 4th years would wear.

    Now my friend that's always in on time does not come in for registration, he's always late. The girl that sits next to me in maths in getting moved out that class, which leaves a free seat next to me. The person sitting next to be in Art is dropping that subject, so that would become a free seat. The person who stands next to me in technical got kicked out of my class, yet again leaving a free space for someone else. I am going into 4th year soon.

    I also dreamt of him moving in and he also said 'I'll see you soon, don't worry' and today I saw a house that I saw in my dream of him moving in, had been sold which means new owners would be moving in.

    Are these events leading up to meeting him or is my brain making everything up?
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    May 4, 2016, 02:34 PM
    Dreams are just dreams, nothing more. There may be times, in my belief, that a deceased loved one comes into a dream to give you a message. I've had that happen. But what you're talking about, just a dream in my opinion.

    Dreams are nice. A good dream makes us happy, and happiness is always a good thing. So if you want to believe that this dream may come true, I see no harm in that at all. But, if it doesn't come true, don't be disappointed.

    Let me know what happens. :)
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    May 5, 2016, 07:00 AM
    One of the great things about the human mind is its ability to find patterns in chaos. It helps us see the lion before it pounces on us, but it also makes us see things or make memories fit a reality. Which is to say that I don't think your dream is coming true but that things are being set in motion that set up a situation that is minorly similar to your dream so you're tailoring the memory of that dream to fit events as they happen. The brain can be a bit mean at times.

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