Hello, I am 15 years old and weigh about 130 lbs. I was recently prescribed by my dermatologist to get the acne drug "accutane". However, when I went to have my blood tested they would not give me the drug because my liver enzyme levels were elevated. Not sure what these mean, but he has circled these two things...

Ast (SGOT)=75 normal range=15-37

ALT (SGPT)=88 normal range=30-65

As you can see mine are not even close to these numbers. I am so frustrated because I have been excercising regularly and lift weights. I think that it may be due to the protein I get in a day. I usually have a protein shake (N-Large) and "Whey" I also eat about two protein bars a day. I have also read that your metabolism can mess up your liver enzymes and being very skinny I have a very high metabolism and have tried to really change my diet to a high protein and carbs one the past two or three weeks prior to the blood test.

Are my liver enzyme levels REALLY high? How do I lower them by 3-4 weeks when I go to take another blood test to see if they are normal? Jeez, I am so frustrated, I didn't even know what liver enzymes were until today!